The Bullshit Detector

The Bullshit Detector!

I love this!


The BS does NOT stand for a science degree folks, it stands for cow manure. I came across this over the weekend doing some research about a project we are tackling with a great startup team and wanted to share it with you.

DARPA is asking for a system that can solve one of the most urgent philosophical problems of our time: How do you know what’s true when science, the news, and social media all struggle with errors, advertising, propaganda, and lies (yes, fake stuff and outright lies)?

Take a scientific claim. Do some kind of operation on it. Determine whether the claim is right enough to act on. So … a bullshit detector?

I wish we could have also a bullshit detector for vetting startups, don’t you think so?

Here is the link to the article about the DARPA project:



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