Ideas Are Cheap — Human factor is invaluable!

Remember, Ideas Are Cheap — Human factor is invaluable!

We are brutally honest and straight forward on this matter.

Many startup entrepreneurs ask us about whether they could pitch us about an idea they have.

Our response is:
“We don’t want to hear your idea,”
“The idea is the easiest part of your journey,”
“The difference between a great business and an idea is that for a great business you need to have a dedicated-passionate-savvy-hard working team that will endure all the sweat, time, effort, and agony that go into engaging that idea and turning it into something real that people desperately want.”

If you have a great team with an idea, get in touch with us. We will help you assess it and fill your gaps to turn it a successful business.

Take the first step: Get in touch with Startup Port.

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