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After a healthy mix of startups, failures, scaling, and exits at several of my own backed ventures in the last three decades, I’ve decided to sit on the “other side of the table” helping startups grow. I have always had a strong passion for creating (and tinkering with) new things and wanted to take this passion to the next level. I am an “adaptive generalist”, having been in the mist of many idea creations, business launches, pivots, re-incarnations and having been involved with hundreds of entrepreneurs I realized that it is better to find the best “expert” than be one!

I am now part of the founding team building a new startup support platform; Startup Port. It is not an incubator or an accelerator! it is a unique blend of everything we learned in the past three decades with a twist of our matter experts’ “intellectual capital”, which we believe to be even more important and effective than any other types of investment.

I have been involved in both the startup and established business ecosystem for over three decades. I help startups with product development, business modeling, market and sales development and fundraising. Besides scouting for hyper-local talents in Chicago and the Midwest, and because of having helped numerous companies cross-invest internationally I also focus on overseas startups interested to access to the US market as well as American and European startups interested to expand internationally.

Startup Port (my passion as a co-founder) is a Chicago-based collaborative network of independent advisors, matter experts and technology specialists; professionals preeminent in various specialized fields related to facilitating strategic alignment of people, money, technology and other mission-critical resources. Since 2008 advisory and mission critical solutions are provided to organizations of almost all types and sizes; from seed stage startups ventures to established enterprises. Our preference is to get involved with early stage startups. We are product and market segment agnostic.

Completely apart from the busy Incubator and Accelerator model, Startup Port is a business advisory collective helping organizations and entrepreneurs to become more effective by Turning Resistance into Motivation into Performance while providing tactical operations and financial risk mitigation. Our expertise is with people and our investment is in the human capital which we believe to be the only source of making a business a successful organization and an organization a feasible and sustainable business.  The proprietary “Sprint 90” fast track to success program helps create a business process, validation, traction and launch in less than ninety days.

Because of our involvement in both the startup ecosystem and established businesses, and because of our sound de-risking process our team has a fresh and constant supply pipeline of vetted deal-flow of investment ready opportunities. Although our focus is hyper local and we like to concentrate on startups and companies in the Midwest (Chicago as a base) we also have insights on deal flows from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

One of my other passion is in helping re-establish the “apprenticeship” programs back in the educational and business realm. This concept would be to bring local workforce development facilitators, economic development organizations, junior colleges and trade schools and most importantly local businesses seeking to fill open technical and trade positions together. This would create the perfect solution for a seriously dysfunctional supply-demand employment empowerment process faced by all communities.


Currently advising the following startups with bus-dev and fundraising:

Solve Smart Cities, Marketyo, Technolera, VisaWatcher, SunCase, Nanotechnologies.

Previous startups I have advised include:

Retropole, SupplyClinic, Predictive, Prefense, OFNI app, ULAKapp, Safe-In-The-City, PowerKiosk, Energy -IQ, FitnessCubed, Medical Ingenuities, Ingenious, NanogasTechnologies, WapLog, Selfie, CrowdFind

CloudPrintry, Freenters, CampusStarter, ZMarkit, Chicago Black Inventors Association, Axon Data Centers, Torque Parts, IPTV, ITTV, SMI, Spotmyphotos, Suggesthat, LRB Global, WSI Management, Anka Coop, Cupela, KidsRide, Givenly, SmartMediCse, FoodJunky, Elektronet, ToolFloor, RWS Water treatment, Invent2026.

Startups launched:

Advanced Measurements, Teknolator, SolarTrak, T Square Telecom (T2), ErgostandUp Desk, ExpoBox, Sherpa Business Advisors, Startup-Port, SigmaRisk, Nutricio, EatWell.

Successfully completed Major Projects:

Reynolds Aluminum, Virginia, 1987  +  Clements National Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1988 + Vertex Communications, Longview, Texas, 1989 + TV Abril, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1990  +  OMNI Cellular Corp., Illinois, 1991-92  +  Aydin Elektronik, Ankara, Turkey, 1993-1994  + Fortuna Holdings/ Teleblu / LEWV, LLc, Illinois 1994-1996- and 1999  +  TGI- Apple Beepers Acquisition, Chicago, Illinois, 1994 + FCC “C” Block PCS license auctions. FAMS & Associates, Washington, DC 1995-1996 + Patriot Antennas, Albion, Michigan, 1993-1996  + Prairie Street Partners, Kansas & Illinois, 1996  +  TGI Telecom Investments Group, Chicago, IL 1995-1996  + Green Street Capital LLc., Kansas, 1997  +  E.B.S. – NEWNET, Inc. Connecticut, 1996-1997  +  United Telecom, Inc., Illinois, 1998-2000  + Prodeline Corp. (Tripoint Global), Conover, North Carolina, 2003  +  PricePC.com. Rosemont, Illinois, 2004-2006 + AATK, Inc.  Crestwood, Illinois, 2006   + Phoenix International LLc. PetroFree.com. Hinsdale, Illinois, 2006 + Retropole LLc / Retroplole.com. Richardson, Texas, 2007  + ExpoBoxUSA, expoboxusa.com, Rosemont, Illinois, 2008  +  LightMart LLc, Lightmart.com, Des Plaines, Illinois, 2009 +  Sensible Metals, Inc. Rosemont, Illinois, 2009 +  Torque Parts LLC, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, 2012  + Sigma Business Services Corp, Chicago, Illinois 2013

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