Not your common Incubator or Accelerator!

Startup Port is not an incubator or accelerator but a co-foundry that focuses on the process of consistent startup creation by using shared subject matter expertise and shared key fundamental business resources. We are market and segment agnostic, we love helping create businesses and ventures with solid foundations.

We partner with selected seasoned entrepreneurs while our subject matter experts act as their multi-functional operational advisors and co-founders. The ultimate end game is to scale up the startups as independent, fully-operational and functional self-supporting entities.

Startup Port is headquartered in Chicago with landing pads in several other countries via our strategic partners. Startup Port has a strong and experienced multi-national team with diverse skill sets and expertise from the trenches. The Founders and Management Team have proven track records of successful investments and exits.

The Startup Port startup journey is built around its unique and proprietary Sprint 90 Program designed to minimize risk, maximize returns and expedite execution.

Startup Port, is the “pressure cooker” for early seed stage operations!

Not your common Incubator or Accelerator!


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